Minimize energy supply cost and emission while meeting process energy demand

Supply-Side Energy Management

Investment Analysis - Evaluate optimum plant configuration and equipment selection to meet energy demand during plant expansion.

Utilities Contract Evaluation - Select utilities venders by evaluating commercial terms of utility contracts.

Utilities Production Planning - Generate utilities production plan to minimize utility supply cost subject to various constraints

  • Forecasted utility demand

  • Equipment availability

  • Regulatory constraints

  • Market supply and demand constraints

Utilities Equipment Performance Monitoring - Evaluate equipment performance degradation with real-time plant data, and evaluate potential benefit for equipment maintenance.

Utilities Plant Real-Time Open Loop Optimization - Provide real time actionable guidance to operators to minimize energy supply cost via continuously calibrated utilities digital twin with real-time plant data.

Utilities Real-Time Closed Loop Optimization - Automatically implement optimum solution from real-time utilities digital twin solution via APC.