EMI Utilities is a comprehensive thermodynamic and hydraulic analysis tool for optimizing utilities distribution network

Seamlessly integration with Aspen Utilities Planner

  • Developed on top of Aspen Utilities Planner, a software from Aspen Technology Inc., to optimize utility in process industry.

  • Support all calculation modes in Aspen Utilities Planner including simulation, data reconciliation and optimization.

High fidelity multiphase pipe model

  • Utilize Aspen Properties to estimate fluid properties

  • Estimate multiphase heat transfer and pressure drop with multiple segments.

  • Estimate pipe heat loss in various medium including air, water, ground and partial burial under seabed.

  • Support multiple layers of insulation with various materials

Fast convergence and flexible model specifications

  • Converge large model in a split second with Equation-Oriented module

  • Flexible model specifications particularly for backward calculation

Support reverse flow in looped network

  • Support negative flow as fluid flowing in reverse direction of originally assumed.

  • For mixing tee and splitting tee models, corresponding pressure drop correlations are automatically selected based on flow direction.

Screen pipe network design options

  • Estimate CAPEX of pipe and fittings based on weights or volumes

  • Implement sizing information for various fittings based on ASME standards

  • Screen piping and fitting options by trading off OPEX savings and CAPEX investment

Additional new models

  • Cooling tower model

  • Water heater/cooler model to estimate pressure drop based on geometry

  • Solar Panel model

  • Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)