Minimize energy and emission intensity while meeting the production specifications throughout the lifecycle of plant design and operation

Demand-Side Energy Management

Column Monitoring and Optimization - Create offline and online digital twin solution to monitor tray and/or packing thermal efficiency, and identify column hydraulic constraints.

Heat Exchanger Fouling & Cleaning Analysis - Create offline and online digital twin solution for heat exchanger(s) to predict exchanger fouling trend with historical plant data, and then generate optimum cleaning strategy to maximize cleaning benefit.

Rotary Equipment Monitoring - With the help of rigorous process models for steam turbine, gas turbine, pump and compressor, true efficiency of these equipment can be estimated with plant data. The gap between actual performance and expected performance at the same operating condition identify performance degradation over time and potential cleaning benefit.

Fired heater monitoring - Create offline and online digital twin for fired heater. Identify fouling trend inside furnace tubes and evaluate potential cleaning benefit.

Real-Time Process Optimization - Create offline and online digital twin solution for the selected scope to maximize the overall profit. The model takes into account the constraints in plant energy system along with other constraints. The goal is to reduce energy and emission intensity defined as energy use per unit of throughput or product.

Pinch Analysis - Identify energy saving potential for the selected scope, and then identify topological changes to tradeoff OPEX with CAPEX.